10 Yoga Poses for Evening to Help You Wind Down…

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Updated October 13, 2014.

Though you can do yoga at any time of day, it makes sense to make the type of practice you do appropriate for the hour. First thing in the morning, this means easing yourself out of bed and into alertness. In the middle of the day, choose whatever type of practice appeals to you most. Try to finish any particularly vigorous yoga two to three hours before you plan to go to bed, otherwise you may have a hard time getting to sleep. The following 10-pose sequence is designed for an evening practice to wind down the body, helping you to stretch away tension and transition from your active day to a relaxed state that is conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Start in downward facing dog for a full body stretch. This feels particularly good if you’ve spent a lot of the day sitting at a desk or in a car. Pedal your legs to stretch the hamstrings and do any other movements that feel like they will get into your tight areas, for instance bending both knees and coming up on your toes or coming forward to a plank and then back to down dog. 

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