5 Yoga-Friendly Hotels for Your Next Trip

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Keeping up a consistent yoga routine at home is all about establishing a schedule and sticking to it, but that can be tough to maintain when you travel. It’s getting a little easier, however, as more destinations discover the attraction of offering yoga amenities to their clients. Airports are adding quiet spaces designated for yoga and several hotels are also trying to make it more convenient for guests to downdog away from home. If yoga is a priority for you when you book a hotel, take a look at what’s on offer.

1. Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel + YogaWorks


Photo Courtesy of Luxe Sunset

In addition to the in-room use of a yoga mat and access to 500+ yoga videos from the YogaWorks website, guests at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles can also take a complimentary class at a nearby YogaWorks studio during their stay. The closest YogaWorks to the hotel, in Santa Monica and Westwood, offer classes in a variety of levels and styles throughout the day, ensuring that that there will be a class that fits your needs and schedule. 

2. W Hotels + Tara Stiles


Photo Courtesy of W Hotel

International luxury hotel/resort chain W commissioned Tara Stiles of New York City’s Strala Yoga to create four different yoga videos to meet the needs of its guests. There are also printed tips available to accompany each video. The themes of the routines, which cater to young jet-setters, include yoga for jet-lag, hangovers, and to prep for a big night out. 

3. “Roll Out” Service at Kimpton Hotels


Photo Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

San Francisco-based boutique hotel chain Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants began offering guests yoga mats and complimentary “Roll Out” service in 2013. Yes, someone will actually come to your room and unroll your mat for you. (As silly as it sounds, it’s not a bad idea for home practice too, since sometimes just getting the mat out is the biggest barrier to getting started.) For further incentive, they will also bring you fancy water and healthy snacks. (Again, I want that at home!) There is also on-demand yoga and Pilates videos available on their TVs. Kimpton hotels are in more than 25 U.S. cities.

4. Four Seasons Toronto and Beverly Hills


Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons

It’s no surprise that the Four Seasons has plenty of yoga options at its resorts, including SUP Yoga in Maui and Bora Bora, but several of its hotels also have yoga amenities. In Toronto, local studio 889 Yoga offers a one or two group yoga classes, open to both people staying at the hotel and the general population, per day in the hotel spa. At the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, yoga mats are available upon request and guests can access yoga workouts on their in-room iPads.

5. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach


Photo Courtesy of The Standard

Stay at The Standard in Miami Beach and there’s a yoga studio right in the hotel as part of The Standard Spa. Expect to pay the going rate for vinyasa and hot yoga classes (around $18 for 75 minutes), but you can’t beat the convenience. The Standard also regularly hosts yoga retreats and workshops with renowned teachers. 

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