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Aunt Yoga will answer all your burning yoga questions, from asana advice to yoga etiquette. When Google fails you, ask Aunt Yoga.

Got a question for Aunt Yoga? First, check the Frequently Asked Questions Index to see if your question has already been answered. If it has not, email your question to with the subject line “Ask Aunt Yoga.” Your question may be edited for clarity. Please note that Aunt Yoga is not a doctor, so she is unable to make recommendations that require medical expertise. If you’d like to discuss your question with other yogis, take it to the forum.


Aunt Yoga

Barefoot Yoga

© Barry Stone

A reader wonders why yoga is usually done barefoot.

Foot Cramps During Yoga

© Barry Stone

A reader wonders how to handle foot cramps during yoga class.

How Often To Do Yoga

A reader wonder how often to do yoga.

Setting an Intention

© Barry Stone

A reader wonders how to set an intention for her yoga practice.

Sweating Out the Toxins: Myth or Reality?

A reader wonders if you can “sweat out toxins” doing hot yoga.

When to Return to Yoga Class After an Illness

A reader wonders when to return to yoga class after being ill.

How to Get Comfortable Cross Legged

© Barry Stone

A reader wants to get more comfortable sitting cross legged in sukhasana (easy pose).

Heel Position in Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog© Barry Stone
A reader wants to know of the heels should touch the floor in downward facing dog.

How to Stop the Vaginal Fart

© Barry Stone
A reader wants to stop noisy vaginal farts in yoga class.

How to Sequence Poses

Tadasana and Urdhva Hastasana© Barry Stone
A reader wonders about the order of yoga poses.

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