Gate Pose – Parighasana

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Type of Pose: Standing

Benefits: Stretches the intercostal muscles between the ribs.


1. Come into an upright kneeling position with the hips over the knees. Place a blanket under your knees if they are sensitive.

2. Extend your right leg out to the side, keeping the knee and ankle in line with your right hip.

3. Turn your right toes forward so that the right foot is parallel with your left leg.

4. Inhale and reach the left arm next to the left ear.

5. Exhale and stretch the left arm and side body to the right. Let your right arm come down and rest on your right leg.

6. Bring your gaze up under your extended left arm.

7. Stay for several breaths, extending your spine on your inhales and deepening the side stretch on your exhales.

8. Bring your torso upright and return your right knee next to the left one. Repeat the stretch on your other side.

Advanced: Instead of bringing the right foot parallel, keep the foot in line with the right leg, bringing the ball of your foot to the floor if possible.

See our gate pose video for further instruction.

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