How to Take Your Yoga With You When You Travel

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When you go on vacation or travel for business, you can easily take your yoga practice with you. It only takes a little planning to find local yoga studios at your destination or bring the items you need.

Go Local

Whenever I travel, I love to check out local yoga scenes. It’s surprising and refreshing to see how differently classes are taught around the country and the world. This is a great way to maintain and even reinvigorate your practice.

You Will Need To:

  • Pack quick-drying yoga clothes.
  • Do a little research before you go. Luckily, you can use the web to find classes all over the world. When you arrive at your destination, seek out local alternative newspapers or wellness magazines (often found in locations also serving coffee), which often carry listings for yoga studios.
  • Brush up your Sanskrit. Classes conducted in Asia, or Europe may be conducted in foreign language, which poses an added challenge. But knowing the Sanskrit names of basic poses will help immensely.

    Pack for Practice

    If you prefer to practice in your hotel room, pack the necessities.

    You Will Need To:

  • Pack quick-drying yoga clothes.
  • Pack a yoga mat. A Yogitoes Skidless Towel also works well as a travel mat. Bonus: You can use the mat to cushion any fragile items you decide to bring home from your trip.
  • Plan a yoga session. Yoga audio downloads are a great travel companion. Remember your MP3 player. Doing yoga with headphones on is a little awkward, but it will do in a pinch. Get a long cord, or try wireless headphones to make it easier. Or bring your favorite yoga DVD and a portable player.

    If you do vinyasa yoga, print out this Sun Salutation Sequence. You can run through this a few times. The Daily Stretches sequence is also a good way to start your day.

    Check into a Yoga Hotel

    Does your trip include a resort or spa visit? If so, yoga will certainly be on the menu and you should take advantage of it. Or, plan your vacation around yoga by going on an intensive yoga retreat.

    One of the best options to is go on a retreat with a teacher you know so you can be sure you will get great classes. Many teachers lead yoga-intensive trips to fabulous locations, so ask around at your yoga studio.

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