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Do you wear short shorts? If you do Bikram yoga, the answer is probably yes (unless you are wearing a Speedo, not that there’s anything wrong with that). Followers of other yoga styles tend to like their shorts a little longer, so here’s a range of yoga shorts for men, from the long and baggy to the short and tight. If you prefer to cover up a little more, check out these yoga pants for men.

1. be present Baja Short

be present Baja ShortPhoto Courtesy of be present

Is a long, lightweight, loose-fitting yoga short your style? Then look no further than be present’s Baja Short. Made from a slightly stretchy, quick-drying fabric, these are casual shorts that you won’t mind wearing out and about.

2. Prana Momentum Shorts

Prana Momentum ShortPhoto Courtesy of Prana

Your very basic, go-to cotton shorts with a bit of stretch. Unscientific data (meaning me scanning the room at yoga class) suggests this is the most popular men’s short. 

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3. be present Practice Short

be present Practice ShortPhoto Courtesy of be present

A shorter version of the Baja Short, with many of the same features but cut above the knee. With a built-in brief, these can also double as swim trunks.

4. Lululemon Power Yoga Short

Lululemon Power Yoga ShortPhoto Courtesy of Lululemon

These shorts are lean without being too gripping. The lace-up waist brings a macho, football-pant vibe to the party.

5. Prana JD Short

Prana JD ShortPhoto Courtesy of Prana

The JB offers a slim fit and plenty of stretch without quite making it to bike-shorts territory. A nice crossover short for vinyasa and hot yoga.

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6. Zohba Hot Yoga Short

Zobha Hot Yoga ShortPhoto Courtesy of Zobha

A classic, mid-thigh bike short designed for power and hot yoga. 

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7. Shakti Brazilian Trunks

Shakti Brazilian TrunksPhoto Courtesy of Shakti

As short as you want to go, hot yoga favorite’s Shakti’s shorts are created by Ana Bugarim Santos, a Brazilian native, Bikram-certified teacher, and swim-wear designer, all excellent credentials. Her men’s shorts range from knee length to Speedo, so you’ll be sure to find the right style for your practice.

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