Quick Start Yoga – Week 1

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On the first day of your 30-day Quick Start Yoga Guide, we covered essential yoga supplies and you became familiar with two yoga routines that form the basis of this 30 day plan. Now it’s time to lay out a week’s worth of yoga for you to follow. You will do the Daily Stretch Routine every day and add Sun Salutations, Standing Poses and Seated Stretches to make a longer work out at least three times a week. Don’t forget to spend a few minutes in corpse pose at the end of each session. Think about what time of day you plan to do your practice. It’s nice to do it in the morning if you have time so that you can start your day stretched out and stress free, but pick the time that works best for you.

Your First Week

Day 1: Daily Stretch Routine + 3x Sun Salutations

Day 2: Daily Stretch Routine + 3x Sun Salutations + Seated Stretches

Day 3: Daily Stretch Routine

Day 4: Daily Stretch Routine + 3x Sun Salutations + Standing Poses

Day 5: Daily Stretch Routine

Day 6: Daily Stretch Routine + 3x Sun Salutations + Standing Poses + Seated Stretches

Day 7: Daily Stretch Routine


  • You will need about 15 minutes to do your Daily Stretch Routine and 30-45 minutes to do your expanded routines.
  • Feel free to add more poses to your daily routine if you have time.
  • You can always take a yoga class instead of your longer home practices if you prefer.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you skip a day of the planned schedule- just resume your program the next day.

Now, take a look at your yoga schedule for the rest of the month .

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