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Rectangular yoga blocks made of hard foam are standard issue at most contemporary yoga studios. These blocks have many uses, including raising your seat in sitting postures and offering you support in balancing poses. But if you have ever come to lie over the block in a heart opener, you have undoubtedly noticed that its blunt shape can be a little uncomfortable. Here’s where you need the ergonomically designed Three Minute Egg.

Three Minute What?

The Three Minute Egg is basically a traditional block that has had its corners rounded into an oval shape (hence the egg). It can perform pretty much all the same tricks as a rectangular block, but its curves make it much more comfortable to use in several key postures. I found three ways in which this prop improves upon a rectangular block.

Egg Vs. Rectangle

Three Minute Egg

Three Minute Egg

Image Courtesy of Three Minute Egg

1. Supported Supine Heart Opener

By far my favorite application is the aforementioned heart opener. Placing a block between the shoulder blades as you lie over it has always sounded to me like it should feel amazing, but whenever I do it, I always end up with the corners of the block uncomfortably digging into my back. No corners = no discomfort. I am loving this pose now because the Three Minute Egg supports the contours of your body.

2. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is often taught with a block squeezed between the legs to encourage you to engage the thighs and sense the rotation of your femurs. The shape of the Egg allows it to fit perfectly between the legs, an area that is usually not very rectilinear.

3. Supported Triangle/Side Angle/Ardha Chandrasana

Using a block under your hand in poses like triangle, side angle, and ardha chandrasana helps you maintain the open rotation of your chest and reach the floor at the same time. While a traditional block works just fine for this, I liked using the Egg because its slight instability actually stops you from leaning too heavily on it. You get the height you need without losing the integrity of your core.

The Egg has many other possible uses, many of which are detailed on the website maintained by the Egg’s inventor, Jason Scholder ( The Three Minute Egg is a great addition to the yogi’s tool chest.

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