How to Use a Yoga Strap

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Updated April 17, 2015.

When you’re attempting a pose with a bind (typically clasping your hands together in position that’s difficult to reach), a strap comes in very handy. Cow face pose, shown here, is an example of how to use a strap to extend your reach. Without the strap, you’re left in the awkward position of not quite being able to settle into the pose. With the strap, you can get your arms into the correct position so that, over time, you can begin to open a tight area of the body.

You could also use a strap to facilitate a bind in pose like bound side angle. Sometimes there are binds where you hold onto a toe. In full pigeon, for instance, you can loop a strap over your raised foot and hold the ends with your hands as you work yourself into the pose. 

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