Standing Balances Sequence

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Standing balances are tough to master, because they require strength and flexibility in addition to the ability to balance on one leg. This sequence offers a real challenge as you move from pose to pose while keeping the lifted leg off the floor the entire time.

1. Awkward Chair – Utkatasana

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Begin in utkatasana, with both legs bent at the knee.

2. Eagle Pose – Garudasana

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Bring your weight into your right leg as you lift the left foot off the floor. Keeping the right knee bent, wrap the left thigh over the right, and bring your left foot to hook around behind the right calf. When you feel stable, incorporate your arms into the pose by wrapping the right arm over the left and bringing the palms to touch. Hold here for up to five breaths.

3. Tree Pose – Vrksasana

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Unwrap your arms and bring them overhead. Unwrap your left leg as you straighten the right leg. Bring the sole of your left foot to your inner-right thigh. (Try to do this without using your hands.) Bring your hands into anjali mudra. Hold here up to five breaths.

4. King Dancer Pose – Natarajasana

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Remove the sole of your left foot from your inner-right thigh, and bring the left knee parallel to the right knee while keeping the left leg bent and the foot off the floor. Hold the inside of your left foot with your left hand as you raise the left knee and right arm up. Hold up to five breaths.

5. Warrior III – Virabhadrasana III

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Bring both hands to you hips. Straighten your left leg as you stretch it back behind you. Square your hips to the floor, bringing your lifted left leg and torso parallel to the ground. You can keep your hands on your hips or choose another arm variation. Hold up to five breaths.

6. Half Moon Pose – Ardha Chandrasana

© Barry Stone
Drop your right hand to the floor, under your right shoulder. Open up the hips, stacking the left on top of the right. Lift the left hand, and gaze up toward the ceiling. Hold up to five breaths.

7. Revolved Half Moon Pose – Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana

© Barry Stone
Bring the left hand down to the floor, under the left shoulder. Square off the hips to the floor. Bring your right hand to your waist. Open your right shoulder toward the ceiling, straightening the right arm up when you are ready. Hold up to five breaths.

8. Forward Bend – Uttanasana

© Barry Stone
Finally, let your left foot come down to the floor next to your right. Fold over your legs, and take a rest. When you are ready, repeat the sequence standing on your left leg this time.

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